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Our philosophy since 2000


The brand is characterized by a modern, minimalist and experimental aesthetic, with a focus on detail and innovative construction techniques.

At the origin of Lutz Huelle's creative offer, we find the idea of reusing existing clothes to give them a new life.

The designer has chosen to work with sustainable materials, such as natural fibers and organic wool, and has adopted eco-conscious tailoring techniques to minimize environmental impact.

In particular, the brand is reknown for its repurposing of denim jeans, which are cut up, reassembled and transformed into jackets, dresses, skirts and other stylish pieces.

Lutz Huelle's upcycling work goes far beyond simply transforming existing garments. The designer often uses advanced sewing techniques to combine different textures and colors of denim, creating truly unique pieces. The brand also uses high-quality materials, giving the upcycled garments added durability and longevity.


Our Studio has curated a limited collection of vintage denim that we believe are among the best, and from these, collection after collection, we've created a unique upcycled line:
the Remake pieces.

Instead of producing new denim, leading to
 a significant water consumption, we chose to use the abundance of high-quality vintage jeans available and repurpose them into something fresh and new. By upcycling, we are giving new life to quality products that might otherwise have been discarded.

Doing so, Lutz Huelle proposes his vision of rethought, diverted, reconstructed silhouette, to offer new styles in the most responsible way. 

Local production

Since the beginning of our adventure, we have sought to surround ourselves with the best partners to build a sustainable offer.
Many partners are still by our side, and we continue to build with them a vision of fashion, which is more anchored in reality

and the most authentic possible

In our approach to fashion, we work with a local ecosystem of partners around our Parisian workshop, where most of our pieces are made.

In order to ensure fair prices and optimal quality, we work with European partners, mainly in Hungary and Italy.




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